SYMPTOM 7 is a massive sounding power trio that includes some of NYC’s top musicians:

Geoff Unger – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Ed McCabe – Bass, Vocals
Dan Nice – Drums, Vocals

While incorporating many genres of metal into one, the final product that SYMPTOM 7 produces is a groove oriented grind with thought provoking lyrics and over the top virtuoso playing.

SYMPTOM 7’s latest release and follow up to their debut, is titled HOGS TOOTH and is out now on iTunes and Google Play and

HOGS TOOTH consists of 13 tracks with the band concentrating on a military concept.

Opening the album is their first single “Machine” which immediately engages the listener. The song gets right to the point by going directly into the first verse. The guitar solo takes the single to a new level and then leaves the listener wanting more. With a catchy chorus, this song is always a crowd favorite. The listener is immediately hooked and soon hears SYMPTOM 7 continually getting heavier throughout this new release.

There is definitely more to this band though. SYMPTOM 7 is not only heavy but is not afraid to sway their songwriting skills in a different, focused direction. Two notable songs in this vain include “Masters and Slaves” which incorporate SYMPTOM 7’s signature sound along with a Hammond organ with a weeping slide guitar. And closing out the album, the last song is an acoustic song titled “Again” with flowing vocals and huge sounding background vocals.

The album HOGS TOOTH takes the listener through the gamut of emotions but retains the signature SYMPTOM 7 sound.

Track Listing for HOGS TOOTH:

Counted Out
Dead In The Water
Hogs Tooth
Masters And Slaves
To The Grave
No One Else
Darkness Eternal

In January 2013, they were included on a compilation “Greetings from South Queens (Songs that Survived Super Storm Sandy)” – Into The Whip Records. The compilation was created in effort to help those that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. All proceeds go to a relief fund. This was something that hit very close to home, as all members in SYMPTOM 7 were affected by the storm.

Their debut release SYMPTOM 7 – VOL.1 has caught the attention of fans all over the world and has been a top seller for Into the Whip Records, DZ/Records indie mother label.

SYMPTOM 7’s live shows are crushing.


Geoff Unger: Engl Amplifiers, Groove Juice guitar care products.

Dan Nice: Soultone Cymbals, Havoc Custom Snares, Silverfox Drumsticks, and Groove Juice drum care products.

SYMPTOM 7 has shared the stage with the following national acts:

The Winery Dogs
King’s X
Ross The Boss (Manowar)
Texas Hippie Coalition
Anti Mortem